Drawing Activity Book

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Geometric Figure
Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
Want to give your child an initial advantage in developing skills?
With these active books, your child can teach you to write, draw, and think logically. Each book has 46 cards that are designed to help develop manual and eye skills, motor skills, and develop both hemispheres of the brain because they stimulate the simultaneous use of all centers.
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Unlimited learning is now possible.
All cards are write-erase, so your toddler can practice the same card countless times, and correct mistakes he has made. This gives you the advantage of working on the cards with your child, you can first show how he should do a certain task; after you erase it, the child will try to do it better than you. We also participate in the preservation of the environment because we do not cut forests.
Teaches children to draw through patterns 
Write-erase technology
Keeps your child preoccupied and learning
Develop independence, creativity self-discipline
Stimulates logical thinking
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Connect Dots or Track Paths.
We have designed the cards so your toddler can perform tasks without your help. Our cards are designed so your child only needs to connect dots, numbers or go through labyrinths with a marker to practice moves important for writing and drawing easily.

It will also help your child learn about first colors, numbers, shapes, and opposites.
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With Drawing Activity Book, children are more friendly.

When kids play games together, they learn a healthy sense of competition and experience the joy of being better. Along the way, they learn collaboration, cooperation, and problem-solving. Creative play stimulates imagination and emotional well-being nurtures.

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Children can learn anywhere.

This drawing activity book allows your kids to play with friends on the table, floor, even in the car or plane. It is small and convenient, easy to carry wherever you go. Excellent travel game keeps the child busy and quiet for a few hours! They won't get bored during the whole trip!

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  • Box Dimension: 29cm x 21cm x 3.6cm
  • Age: 2+
Package Included:
  • 46 pcs Cards
  • 4 pcs Whiteboard Pens
  • 1 pc Eraser