LCD Writing Tablet

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Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
Do you want to see creativity in your little one?
This LCD Writing Tablet is designed for your children to study, play, and be creative. Your toddler can experiment with it at home, but it also is suitable for outdoor use. Our toy is educational, allowing your child to explore and engage their imagination while drawing.
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Development of Skills.
With this digital board, you will see your children become more involved and interested. It increases their color awareness, inventiveness, thinking skills, and capacity to focus on a single subject at a time.
Increase your creativity
Improve your child's ability to concentrate
Anti-fall and waterproof
Thin and lightweight
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Easy to Use and Durable.
The pressure-sensitive technology in the LCD Writing Tablet allows it to draw lines with a stylus or any hard object. If your little one loses the pen attached to the tablet, he can still use it easily.

Click the drawing board's erase button to delete the screen content in one second, so the child will not have to draw from scratch if he does not like part of the drawing.
The key lock protects the drawings of your child from accidental deletion.

Warning: if there are more children in the house, and you did not listen to us and bought more LCD tablets, there may be a discussion among the little ones.
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Your Travel Friend too.

You know how impatient children can be when they go on a trip, and this tablet will animate them for hours because it stimulates their creative instinct even more when they are away from home.

No clutter in the car, dirty seats or wardrobe.

Since the tablet is thin and light, you will love it too, because your little ones can carry them everywhere, and children will be calmer because they will carry their favorite toy.

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Eye protection color screen.

Be relaxed because we take care of the eyes of our little ones. This 12-inch screen can be used by your little ones indefinitely because the screen has a special foil that protects the little one's eyes from blue lights.

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Environmentally Friendly.

LCD can be used indefinitely; you will be more responsible towards nature because you will not waste paper and pens, which means less cutting of trees and less plastic waste.

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Awesome Gift Idea.

This great educational toy will stimulate the creative part of your toddler's brain and help him develop manual skills when drawing and writing.

Children over the age of 3 can easily use this toy, making it an ideal gift if you are unsure if another toy is suitable for your child's age.

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  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Product Dimension: 28.3cm x 18.6cm (11.1 in x 7.3 in)
  • Weight: about 169g (0.37 lbs.)
  • Battery Life: 12 months
  • Age: 3+
Package Included:
  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • Plastic stylus
  • Color box
  • Magnets
  • Lanyard