Magic Water Drawing Mat

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Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
Start Your Toddler's Imagination.
Kids love to draw, but you can expect drawings on almost everything — furniture, clothes, walls, floors, clothes, and even their faces. This Magic Water Drawing Mat is perfect for your kids and your interior. Allow them to write and draw as much as they like while developing their artistic talents without a mess.
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Fun and Easy Way to Practice.
The drawing mat will develop hand-eye coordination in your child while your child follows the lines of the pattern he gets with the toy. Color perception will develop as he paints the drawings on his magic water drawing mat, and you can finish things around the house. As the child draws and writes, the brain's right hemisphere develops and stimulates your child's imagination with no boundaries.
Assist children in learning
There is no mess
Children's creative outlet
Waterproof mat
Playing with it is simple and entertaining
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Simple to Use.
Just moisten the tip and fill the pens with water to get started. Because it's only water, you don't have to worry about kids chewing the pen tip or drawing on their clothes. There was also no mess. Just spread the mat and let them enjoy for hours.
Different patterns make learning letters, numbers and colors easier. And that is what we want, for our children to accept new knowledge in a fun and easy way.
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Folding and Portable.

This Water Magic Mat can be folded into a compact size, easy to store. Also can be folded and placed in a backpack when you go out to play, giving a lot of fun for the kids at home, outdoor or holiday travel trip.

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Safe and Clean.

Everything is water-based, so there is no reason to worry; we do not use any paint, ink or any pollution, so your child will be safe and your house without traces of art.

Made of soft raincoat fabric and water-resistant nylon material, so you don't have to worry; the floor won't be damp.

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Why is This a Great Gift?

Because stimulate your kids imagination and drawing with their friends teach them how to cooperate.

An ideal toy that children and parents can enjoy to further strengthen the relationship in the family.

If you want something to keep your children occupied while letting their creativity flow, this mat is your best choice.

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Warm Note:
    1. Immerse the pen in water for 30 minutes before first use.
    2. Use pure and soft water without dust; otherwise, it may leave stains.
    3. The pens are twisted in the reverse direction to prevent the baby from opening it easily.
    4. Do not use normal ink pen to paint, or it can be permanently marked and damaged.
    5. The speed of the disappearance of a picture is influenced by temperature and humidity.
    6. No machine wash, brush wash or water wash.
  • Material: Durable, water-resistant nylon.
  • Product Dimension: 110cm x 70cm (11.1 in x 7.3 in)
  • Age: 3+