Science Experiment Kit

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Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
The Best Science Kit for Your Toddler.
Our children have a natural curiosity to explore and learn about the world around them through experimentation, observation, and play.

We developed this kit by providing your scientist with safe and interesting tools to help your little one understand how the world works around us through experiments.
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Put on Goggles and the Fun Begins.
Rainbow Lab is a great first scientific experiment kit since it includes everything your young scientist needs to get started on the 7 engaging activities within. Our Science Experiment Kit requires a few common household items, so you can start with your hands-on learning right now!
Communication and collaboration skills
Analytical and reasoningskills
Develop a love for learning
Decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
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Never before has thinking about science been so enjoyable.
Your young scientist may write his predictions and outcomes in his own Lab Notepad while answering challenging questions from a dependable lab assistant manual.
See how their confidence grows as they complete each scientific experiment and put their newly learned skills to the test.
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If you worry about whether the kit is safe. Safety comes first.

To protect the safety of youngsters, all chemical ingredients have undergone a safety assessment. You don't have to worry about your youngster damaging the scientific experiment instruments since they are constructed of ABS rather than glassware, which is more robust and less prone to breakage.

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Is the science kit worth it?

Surely. Your child's approach to learning will never be the same again, because the best learning is learning through examples or experiments. Each of our 7 experiments will be well remembered because the child actively participates in learning; the child is simply not a passive listener.

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  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Age: 7+
Package Included:
  • 3 pcs Pigment
  • 2 pcs Test Tube
  • 1 pc Effervescent Tablet
  • 3 pcs Red Cabbage Powder
  • 1 pc Citric Acid
  • 1 pc Baking Soda
  • 1 pc Bottle of Oil
  • 3 pcs Muddler
  • 1 pc Dropper
  • 1 pc Spoon
  • 1 pc Measuring Cup
  • 1 pc Guidebook
  • Not suitable for children under 7 years old.
  • Use under adult supervision.
  • Please read the instructions before use and operate according to the instructions for reference.
  • Do not let the chemicals come into contact with any part of the body, especially the mouth and eyes.
  • Keep children and animals away from the experiment.
  • Keep the experimental device out of the reach of children under 7.