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Silicone Stacking Blocks

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Do you know what kind of toys babies over 6 months need most?

Our Silicone Stacking Blocks are the best toy that is carefully prepared for your child. Ideal for teething, so this will soothe your baby.

These blocks will become your little one's favorite toy!

Our soft blocks are a pleasant, easy-to-use alternative to traditional wooden building blocks. The silicone blocks can be used as teething toysbath toys, or for stacking, making them ideal for tiny hands. Explore physicsgravitybalance, and structure with your child.

✅ Soft for teething babies
✅ Develop fine motor skills
Motor and cognitive development
✅ Use them as paint, sand or play dough stamps
✅ Aesthetically pleasing pastel colors stimulate visual perception

Discover unique textures.

The set features exciting and unusual textures to discover, as well as being the perfect size for little hands. It’s ideal for your baby to learn to grasp and hold objects. 

Our Silicone Blocks are the ideal tool for assisting your baby in developing crucial fine motor skills as well as early cognition of shapes, animals, fruits, and colors. They will help to improve dexterity and motor skills and foster an early sense of geometry.

Your best friend while bathing your baby!

You know how little ones can be lively while bathing, how much water they can spill out or even get nervous. This will get their attention; you will be able to bathe your baby in peace while they are having fun with silicone cubes that they can chew, hold and squeeze.

Is this safe for my baby?

The soft rubber is made of high-quality food-grade silicone, BPA-free, safe and non-toxic. It is very suitable for teething babies to bite. So feel free to give this toy to your baby. Maintain by washing under lukewarm soapy water.

Great gift for playing with your little one.

You can spend time together building stuff and enjoying all different shapes and sizes. You can tell your baby stories, explain shapes, and teach them colors. As long as you're doing it together, it's a win-win situation.

Product Details:

  • Age: 6+ months
  • Contains: (12) silicone stacking blocks
  • Size: 2.4" x 2.0" (6.2cm x 5.2cm)
  • Material: 100% safe food-grade silicone
  • Care: Handwash with warm water and mild detergent. Then wipe with a clean dry cloth or let air dry.