Kids are quick learners and great observers.
It’s up to you how you help and mold their innate learning capability to shape a better future.
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Kids are quick learners and great observers.
It’s up to you how you help and mold their innate learning capability to shape a better future.
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Did you know that educational toys increase IQ?
The results showed that five-year-olds who used educational toys have much higher IQs than traditionally educated children.
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Your child will develop social and emotional intelligence.
Kids learn role-playing, emotions, and empathy using educational toys. Also, playthings will teach your child social skills, including sharing, leading, bonding, caring, and waiting.
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Do educational toys put pressure on my kids?
There is no reason to worry about the pressure these learning toys may bring to your kids.
Our educational toys are impeccably designed so your children will not even realize they are learning because they are so interesting and funny. Educational toys help children learn by playing.
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Why Should You Choose Smartoon Kids?
Because we create toys that help your child's development. Aware of the difficulty of choosing a toy for your child, we have gathered a team of pedagogues, psychologists, and mothers to help you make that choice.
The Smartoon Kids Toys
Improve life skills
They keep the children's attention
Visible progress soon after children use our toys
Each toy has multiple tasks and can be played in several ways
Influence on a child positively
The Other Toys
Do not improve life skills
They get bored quickly and want a new toy
The child remains at the same level as before using these toys
Just one task
Can create dissatisfaction in a child
What Parents Are Saying
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Patricia Larson
Verified buyer
"Wonderful toys! My kid loves them, and I enjoy seeing her find out how to use them and practice the necessary skills. She's getting better at her tasks every day, and she's amazing at how focused she is. What I like most is that she's starting to think outside the box."
23 Apr, 2022
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Brenda Williams
Verified buyer
"I bought a few toys for my grandkids to have at my home. My daughter previously had a few toys and strongly recommends them. I am blown away by the quality and attention to detail. The many areas of brain stimulation are fantastic. I'll purchase more items so that every one of my grandkids has an appropriate one."
14 Feb, 2022
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Claretha Hughes
Verified buyer
"Every birthday or holiday, I don't think about where I can find an original gift for children. I simply come here and choose toys adapted to the age of my children. I am often hesitant, so I buy more toys."
3 Feb, 2022
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Sarah Marriott
Verified buyer
"My son is four, and we haven't been able to find toys that will keep his attention for a long time. We got Smartoon Kids birthday toys from grandma, and from the first moment, my son fell in love with the toys. I had no choice, we kept buying these toys because Mike doesn’t stop playing."
17 Jan, 2022
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Alice West
Verified buyer
"My sister’s kids don’t stop playing with the toys I bought. Now I don't even watch other toys when I know that kids love Smartoon Kids the most."
22 Dec, 2021
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