Our Mission
We want to make a revolution in the world of educational toys because toys are almost a basic requirement of family childcare. We owe it to all children of the world to create better conditions for education through play. By creating our toys, we want to improve the life skills of children and unlock the full potential that every child has.
We do this with the help of science, experience, and countless research, and we leave nothing to chance because the future of children is in our hands. Smartoon Kids come from the future and know exactly what the world needs, and those are happy children!
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We Are Smartoon Kids

We are a team of people with a clear goal to create toys that don’t end up on a bunch of toys not used for more than a few days. Our children have a lot of toys, but those toys rarely keep their attention. To create educational toys that hold attention and stimulate the development of children's skills, our two founders have joined forces.

Looking at their siblings' children, they notice that every toy they buy ends up in a large basket of toys that their nephews and nieces never pick up again. That realization became a game-changer and they created Smartoon toys. They spend years researching child psychology and education, and with the advice of pedagogues, psychologists, and mothers, they create the best toys for your children on the market.

Smartoon Kids Team

30 N Gould St Ste R
Sheridan, WY 82801
United States