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Our Mission

We want to make a revolution in the world of educational toys since toys are an essential requirement of every family home. We owe it to all children of the world to create better conditions for education through play. By creating our toys, we want to improve the life skills of children and unlock the full potential that every child has.

We do this with the help of science, experience, and research, and we leave nothing to chance because children's future is in our hands. 

We are Smartoon Kids

We are a team of people with a clear goal to create toys that will hold children's interest for more than just a few days. Children usually have many toys, but those rarely keep their attention. Our two founders have joined forces to create educational toys that hold attention and stimulate the development of children's skills at the same time.

Looking at their siblings' children, they noticed that every toy they buy ends up in a large basket that their nephews and nieces never pick up again. That realization became a game-changer, and they created Smartoon toys. They spent years researching child psychology and education, and with the advice of child experts, psychologists, and parents, they created the best toys for your children on the market.