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Roundnet Game

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Product details:

  • Age: 3+ 
  • Contains: (3) bouncy balls, (1) bag, (1) hand pump, (12) assembling parts
  • Size: 35.4" x 35.4" x 7.9" (90cm x 90cm x 20cm)
  • Material: plastic, rubber, rope
  • Care: Handwash with warm water and soap if necessary.

What is the Roundnet Game?

In this fast-paced game, the goal is to bounce the ball off the net, making it difficult for the opposing player to return it. You hit the ball just like in volleyball. Play 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. It’s a dynamic game that offers hours of fun.

Sports are the best exercise for kids.

Outdoor play is crucial for developing children, so toys and games that take them outside are a must-have. Moreover, this roundnet game will help them develop gross motor skills and coordination.


🏀 Improves gross motor skills and balance
🏀 Encourages outdoor play
🏀 Develops focus and attention span
🏀 Teaches teamwork and boosts competitive spirit


Set it up in 10 minutes and enjoy the whole afternoon.

You’ll find everything you need to set it up in your carrying bag. Whether you’re in the park, the beach, or your own backyard, it takes only 10 minutes to assemble. After that, split into teams and enjoy the whole day of roundnet.

It's a game for all ages!

Whether you have a toddler who just wishes to toss and bounce the ball off the net or a group of 4th graders ready for some serious challenge, this game is a perfect choice. Not only that, but this is also a professional sport, so adults find it exciting as well.

Make your family time active.

Gather everyone around, think quickly on your feet, and fill your family time with laughter and some occasional sweat. Nothing brings families closer than a good game of fun and joy.

Get your kids a game that will help them grow and develop. Order Yours Now!