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Therapy Swing

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Product details:

  • Age: 3+ 
  • Contains: (1) therapy swing, (1) manual, (2) carabiners, (2) o-ropes, (2) daisy chains, (1) ceiling mount bracket, (8) screws.
  • Size: 59.1" x 157.5" (150cm x 400cm)
  • Material: double-layered blend of nylon and spandex
  • Care: Machine washable

Is your child often stressed out or anxious?

This is common in today’s world. Children face more sensory difficulties than ever before. Loud environments, overstimulation, and lack of focus are just a few of them. But there’s a solution for handling those emotional challenges - this Smartoon Therapy Swing.

How does this swing help your child’s sensory needs?

The secret is in the “hugging” design of the swing. While your child swings in it, it feels like a gentle hug that helps them calm their emotions. Moreover, the swinging itself is a type of movement that helps reduce overstimulation - it’s relaxing and soothing.


🤗 Calms children when they're feeling overwhelmed
🤗 Assists in handling outbursts and emotional breakdowns
🤗 Develops gross motor skills and balance
🤗 Offers a relaxing getaway from the loud environments


But this is more than just a therapy tool!

This swing allows your child to engage their whole body. Encouraging physical activities in children is now more important than ever before. Kids don’t get to move and run around as they used to. That’s why a tool that allows them to do it right at home is the perfect solution.

You’ll get everything you need to set it up for free.

All the hardware required will come in your package at no extra cost. All you need to do is set it up at your home. The swing material is soft to the touch, and the whole construction will hold weight up to 200 lbs. The height is adjustable.

A gift for the whole family.

Even adults can enjoy having a go at this swing. It’s perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or watching TV. Find that perfect spot in your house and set up your ultimate relaxation station in less than 20 minutes.

Give your child a way to focus their energy and deal with overwhelming emotions. Order Yours Now!