Audio Cognitive Cards

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Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
Listen and Learn.
Whether children are learning new words or even learning to read, these cognitive cards will help them improve their language skills.
Audio Cognitive Cards are an improved version of old flashcards that will help children expand their vocabulary much faster. Toddlers who use these cards learn 43% faster words than other kids. 
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Learn to say, read, also remember sounds
It is small and portable
No harmful blue lights
The perfect gift
Stimulate imagination
Color recognition
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Words and Sounds.
It's easy to use; you just need to put one of the cards in the device and learning begins. Just insert any card to make your child hear the word's pronunciation and sound effect! Animal cards even make an animal sound.
The cards have different themes:, vehicles, daily necessities, plants, animals, and occupational names. A great start for your child to learn the basic words needed at their age. 
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Outstanding Design.

The device is small, so your little one can carry it everywhere, so he has access to knowledge wherever he goes.

When he goes to his grandparents’ house for the weekend or his little friends come, he can use the device at every opportunity.

It is ergonomically shaped and will fit perfectly in your child's hand. The cards are rounded, so there is no risk of scratches.

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Eye Friendly.

There is no electronic screen on the device, and no internet is required, so it’s safe for your child. The layout of Cognitive Flashcards was specifically created to shield your child's eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

The standard pronunciation with feeling will make it easier for your baby to remember words.

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Package Included:
  • 112 pcs double-sided cards
  • Device
  • USB cable