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Beach Play Kit

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Product details: 

  • Age: 2+ 
  • Contains: (15) beach play tools, molds, and toys
  • Material: non-toxic, ABS plastic
  • Care: Handwash with warm water and soap if necessary.

Regular sandcastle building kits, move aside!

This one comes with a wheelbarrow, a watermill, a truck, and a watering can, along with your usual molds, buckets, and tools. If you’re looking for a beach set that has it all, this is it. Your little one will love it and spend hours playing with it.

Playing in the sand is more than just child’s play.

It might look like your kids are just having fun, but they're actually learning a lot. They’re developing their touch sense, improving fine motor skills, developing spatial awareness, and growing while seemingly “just” playing.


🏖️ Improves hand-eye coordination and balance
🏖️ Develops focus and attention span
🏖️ Encourages outdoor play
🏖️ Boosts creativity and imagination


Outdoor play is crucial for children’s development

Any toy that takes your kid outside is a good investment. It’s because spending time in nature helps children build up their immune systems, engages their whole bodies, and helps them learn about the world around them.

Safe and easy to clean.

As with any toy your child spends hours playing with, it has to be 100% safe. That’s why this one is made of non-toxic, smooth plastic. It’s durable but also perfectly suitable for toddlers. When they’re done, just run it through the water.

Give your little ones a play kit that will bring their beach play to the next level. Order Yours Now!