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Elephant Target

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Product details: 

  • Age: 3+ 
  • Contains: (6) sticky balls, (1) dartboard, (1) hook
  • Size: 18.1" x 12.8" (46cm x 32.5cm)
  • Material: felt and non-toxic plastic
  • Care: spot clean only

Indoor sports without breaking furniture!

There’s no better activity for children’s development than the one that engages their whole body. But how do you play sports indoors without breaking stuff? Easy! This Elephant Dart Balls set uses soft Velcro balls that can’t even knock over a glass.

Better than Darts and 100% safe!

Games like Darts are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, but they’re unsafe for children. That’s why we came up with a design that offers all the benefits without it being dangerous.


🎯 Improve hand-eye coordination
🎯 Gametime with zero screen time
🎯 Learn to add “big” numbers
🎯 Develop focus, patience, & competitive spirit


Fold and carry it anywhere you go.

The best part of this playset is that it fits in almost any bag. Just fold it up and bring it on any trip you take. Visiting Grandma? Take the Elephant Dart Balls with you and have your whole family try their hand at it!

Learn to add numbers while playing!

Since this is a Smart toy, it’s not just about throwing balls. It’s also about learning math. Each time you hit a spot, you’ll add the number associated with it. It gets to hundreds, so you better keep a pen and paper around!

A gift for your whole family.

Nothing beats a family game night, right? Everyone gathers around, shares a laugh, and tries to win. We’ve got a perfect game for you. Split up in teams and throw for the win!

Get your child a game they’ll both love and learn from. Order Yours Now!