Magnetic Construction Set

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Improve Motor Development
Creativity and Imagination
Superior and Enhanced Focus
Stimulate Cognitive Growth.
With the Magnetic Construction Set, you can get set to inspire your child's curiosity and creativity while fostering their construction abilities.
This set is an educational STEAM product meant to stimulate and support cognitive growth, spatial awareness, and fine and gross motor skill development in your kid.
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What are the benefits of using this toy for your child?
Children acquire knowledge about symmetry and patterns while developing their building and constructing abilities.
Constructing and gaining a knowledge of two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms and structures.
Recognition based on both form and color.
The ability to understand mathematically and an awareness of spatial connections.
Perseverance and the ability to find solutions.
Gain control of fine motor abilities and work on hand-eye coordination.
Motivate creative thinking, imaginative activity, and open-ended game alternatives.
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Learning in a Fun Way.
Your child can "learn through play" with the Magnetic Construction Set since it has a variety of opaque and transparent colors and shapes that will provide your child with hours upon hours of limitless chances to play. This is the ideal toy for playing quietly and freely at home and makes a fantastic present.
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Different Shapes.

Your toddler can utilize the magnets in this set of 89 pieces to construct a wide range of various shapes and things, such as rainbows, automobiles, and castles.

When exposed to sunshine, the translucent magnetic tiles look like stained glass windows. Just place the tiles in direct sunlight to see this effect for yourself.

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Perfect Gift.

Whether you're shopping for a Christmas or birthday gift, this Magnetic Construction Set is the ideal present for your developing youngster. They won't be bored for hours as they are entertained and educated. Our super-cool Magnetic Construction Set will be a hit with your youngster!

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