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Space Felt Board

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Product details: 

  • Age: 3+ 
  • Contains: (1) felt board, (30) decorations, (2) hangers
  • Size: 41.3" x 29.5" (105cm x 75cm)
  • Material: soft felt material
  • Care: Spot clean only

An interactive way to learn about space!

There’s a much better way to teach your kid astronomy than books. Leave that for when they’re older. Now, it’s all about getting them excited with interactive toys! They’re much more likely to remember stuff if they get to touch and explore themselves.

Decorate your room with educational wallpaper.

Every part of your child’s room should be an environment that excites them about learning stuff, walls included. So, instead of regular cartoonish characters, decorate their rooms with educational toys like this one.


🪐 Learn about planets and the solar system
🪐 Improve fine and gross motor skills
🪐 Develop spatial awareness
🪐 Boost focus and attention span


Practice motor skills while learning facts!

This Space Felt Board is huge, so it offers more than just learning about the solar system. It also invites your child to move around, place the felt pieces, and reach both high and low. Playtime like this engages their whole bodies, improving motorics along the way.

Soft and perfectly safe.

Any toy your child spends tons of time playing with must be 100% safe. That’s why this board and pieces are made of soft felt and are attachable by Velcro. Relax while watching your child learn and play.

A gift that stands out!

When your gift ends up on a room wall, you know it’s the perfect one. It’s a toy, a learning tool, and a room decoration all in one. Yep, you’ve just found the best birthday gift around!

Get your little one excited about astronomy with a smart learning toy. Order yours now!