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Zip-Up Bunny

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Product details:

  • Age: 1+
  • Contains: (1) stuffed zip-up bunny toy
  • Size: 13.8" (35cm) - large; 9.8" (25cm) - small
  • Material: soft, plush materials
  • Care: Machine washable at low temperatures.

A toy your child will remember forever.

Children's plush toys are so much more than just toys. They're memories that last a lifetime. Surprise your kid with a cute, soft bunny they'll love forever.

Little girl sitting on a carpet and playing with fluffy bunny toy.

It helps with "big" emotions.

Maybe your child is sad about their day at kindergarten or can't fall asleep because of "monsters under the bed." This toy will comfort and soothe them whenever necessary. They'll always have this bunny to calm them down.


🐇Zips into a plushy bunny or a pillow
🐇Soft, safe, and light
🐇Helps with bedtime routine
🐇Nurtures love and compassion
🐇A great birthday gift


Toy & Pillow - perfect for travel!

With a single pull of a zipper, you'll turn this adorable toy into a pillow. If your child needs entertainment, use it as a toy; if they're feeling sleepy, make it a pillow. It's a win-win situation and much better than staring at a phone during travel.

Carrot version of the Bunny Stuffed toy.

Durable and soft at the same time.

How is that possible? The secret is in our sewing technique. We made a toy that's extra soft for your child's skin but also durable enough to last a long time.

Strawberry and carrot versions of the Bunny Stuffed toy.

Such an original birthday gift!

Finding clever birthday gifts isn't easy, but you've just found one. What makes it cool is that it doubles as a toy and a pillow. That lucky birthday boy or girl will have fun with it however they choose!

Woman holding a cute Bunny Stuffed Toy.

Gift your little one a toy that’s so much more than that - Order Yours Now!